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Everyone wants to provide their lawns and gardens with the best care available, unfortunately not many people are aware of the disadvantages that arise from installing their own systems.

Although installing sprinklers may appear to be a fairly simple task it could become a huge problem when not done properly, leading to leaks and expensive water bills, not to mention, over watering your green spaces can lead to rotting and damage.

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Among the common problems found with the use of sprinklers or irrigation systems are: clogged sprinklers, leaky sprinklers, over spraying due to incorrect sprinkler placement and blocked sprinklers due to large objects being placed around it that disturb the balanced distribution of water.

Sure thing, you can fix most of these problems yourself by ensuring you have good water pressure and clear pathways for the sprinklers. But again, if not installed property from the get go, your irrigation system is bound to be unsuccessful at its task of keeping your patio groomed and healthy.

However, another thing to consider is that over time sprinklers do encounter problems which doesn’t make them faulty but arise due to rather unpredictable circumstances in the environment such as outside temperature. For high temperature exposure sprinklers, it is recommended to change the sprinkler heads every 5 years, whereas with dry sprinklers every 10 years.

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The impact of an incorrect installation is not only the extra unexpected costs it will bring with it but also the potential to damage a property in the long run, especially if it’s a commercial property or a rental. It can really become a hassle to return the property or make use of it if its outdoor areas are ungroomed or overwatered, because it stands for a lack of professional appearance that can influence the vision other people have about you and your property/business. 

Hiring a trusted company to take care of your lawn and garden needs is the decision that will change your life when it comes to the appearance of your property, because more than a one-time thing, it is a relationship that will grow over time and assist you on any future needs. Once you find the right company for you, you can entrust the heavy duty work to the professionals and simply stay at home enjoying the wonders of air conditioned spaces during times like summer.

Professional sprinkler installation is needed and is very well worth the investment to hire a licensed irrigation contractor to get the job done. Gilbert irrigation is the leader in drips systems and sprinkler repairs.

We provide trained licensed professionals in repairing, maintaining and installing irrigation systems, quick quotes, flexible timings, budget friendly packages, hassle free appointments and service as well as high quality products.

When it comes to irrigation problems, drip systems, irrigation valves, timers, pressure regulators, sod installation, misting systems, Gilbert Irrigation is the way to go.

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